Problems with my cursor in photoshop elements 7?

When I select a brush size, it doesn’t show how big it is on the paper with the cursor. It shows up above where you indicate your brush size. For example I turned it all the way up to the biggest size and no matter what the size the cursor won’t show it. Then after you click down and do your work you can see the result of that size but that is too late. I can’t get an accurate job done. Please help!!!

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  1. Hi there, I don’t know if this is the same in Elements or not, but in full Photoshop, if the Caps Lock key is on, you see a cursor and not the actual brush.

    Also, see if there are Preference settings – probably in the edit pulldown menu – something about cursors.

    If those don’t work – hopefully someone with Elements can help you for real!

  2. First, reset the Paintbrush Tool. Click on the Paintbrush. Up on the far left side of the Options bar (above the workspace), click on the little arrow and click on Reset This Tool.

    If resetting the Paintbrush Tool doesn’t work, click on Edit. Scroll down and hover on Preferences then click on Display and Cursors. I have the defaults “Show Transition Effects”, “Normal Brush Tip” and “Show Crosshair In Brush Tip” checked.

    Brush size can also be controlled using the bracket ([ and ]) keys on your keyboard. Open a blank new file, click on the Paintbrush place it on the white background of file (so you can see it) and press the ] bracket to make it bigger and the [ bracket to make it smaller.

    If the Paintbrush Tool doesn’t respond to any of these, reset the program. With Elements closed hold down the Shift + CTRL + ALT keys and click to launch the program (keep holding the keys down) and click to go to Edit (keeping hold them). When you see the program start to load – you’ll see scanning for presets, scanning for plugins, etc. coming and going – release the keys. When the popup asks about rebuilding a file, click OK. It’ll take the program a few minutes longer than usual to open up.

    If resetting the program doesn’t get the Paintbrush to work properly, you’re going to have to uninstall/reinstall the program.

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