Photoshop CS4 Brush Problems?

I remember with CS3 I could go in full screen mode and see the full brush I’m using no matter what size it is, with CS4 I have no clue how to see an over sized brush if it becomes big then the cross hair precision brush appears. (My problem is not the caps lock thing and I have checked my brush cursor setting to normal brush tip.)

All I want to do is use brush tool in Photoshop CS !?

Ok, I’ve done this plenty of times before and it was working yesterday.
Simply clicking the eyedropper tool to get the matched color.
Then using “brush tool” to simply “color” or “paint” something out.

For some reason, all it is doing is giving me the brush tool and doesn’t let me “brush”. (Duh Yes, I am clicking the mouse). It’s aggravating me. I went through all settings trying to see if something is set and I can’t find anything wrong.

I have even restarted my computer and closed the image and tried it on other ones. And it is still doing it.
don’t want a new prog thanks. want this one working again.