i need a new laptop?!?!?! SUGGESTIONS FOR BUYING??? (prefferrably hp)

laptop is going to be mostly used for school purposes (im in 10th grade) but also for photshopping images with CS3, watching movies, listening to music, possibly playing some high graphics games (call of duty 4 etc.),

i need a laptop with similar specs:
-built in wireless LAN 802.11 g (N if possible)
-quick write speeds to harddrive
-graphics card besides intel (such as nvida or ATI)
-RAM 4gb ( )
-around 4 usb ports
-PCMCIA slot
-middle of line speakers (maybe altec- lansing (i dont know))
-digital media card reader (SD slot)
-fairly large harddrive around 250 gb or less (i have an external 160gb already)
-good processor speed (2.0 ghz)
-cache memory (dont have that good of an idea of what this is)–> i guess pretty good
-prefferably also a high definition display with about a 15″ screen size (diagonal)

I am mainly looking for a pretty fast laptop for around $1,000 or less that i can easily multitask and be able to enjoy photoshopping or playing call of duty 4 without having problems graphics skipping, brushes in PS are fast enough, etc.
i am not sure about the type of processor but something that is relatively new and pretty fast (intel or AMD i suppose)
thank you for the offer but NO MACS
some of these specs can be downgraded if need be in order to equip me with the proper laptop. please if you can provide me with the laptop series number etc.

I wanna know how to edit like this in photshop?

Something like this, http://a170.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/123/l_49fbb339bde65259664b515a98afbe01.png

I really want to learn on how to edit like this, can you guys give me some brushes to adapt to this style, send me some wallpapers… If there are video tutorials, please send them to me.

I use Photoshop CS3

Were can i find a 100% FREE! + 100% VIRUS FREE! Photo Editing Program At?

Since I LOVE Editing Photo’s I Need More Stuff For It….Somthing Like Photofiltre Or GIMP Nothing Like 30day trial.
Something Like “Photoshop CS3″[BUT 100% FREE] Anything i can add “Swirls” But to where i can change the blendingness on it “Making it to were you can hardly see it or really see it”

& Diffrent Brushes Like “Hearts/Stars/Space/Flowers”+ More…. Something like that

Please send me the link if you can

Please & Thank You

If you have a myspace i have a fansite


i know weird URL but i changed it to a fansite


Please + Thank You
like these photos
7 whats on them kinda adding on to my photos.

1. http://obsidiandawn.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/light-swirls.jpg

2. http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc94/Dl4All/SwirlsandSeedsBrushesforPhotoshop.jpg

3. http://www.123photoshopbrushes.com/brush_thumnails/grungesplatter_sp.gif

Look up on google to find some more of these of what im trying to say

i typed in
“photoshopped photo with swirls”

Help on downloading Photoshop trial to laptop?

Ok so I am planning on getting the Photoshop CS3 trial and I wanted to if once the trial is over, everything will be erased from my laptop. For example, I want to download several photoshop “brushes” from deviant art.com but I want to know if I would be able to erase them from my laptop since Idk if just deleting them does it completely.

I also wanted to if when I download it, do I save the installer or open it because the last time I saved it on another computer, the installer even after the trial was over and it was like over 250 MB.

I need a photograph..?

I really need a photo editor. I need one that works really well and I can download for free. I would use the Photoshop CS3 trial version but I used it already so it won’t let me know, and I also have already used the trial version of Corel paint pro or whatever its called. I would like one that has really good brushes and good filters. How about just a all around good free download online photograph editor!
also if anyone knows a good video editor I have been trying to find one that is pretty nice, and that i would pay for doesn’t need to be free.

Just got photoshop I would like to LEARN how to use it (w/out guessing )?

I have CS3. What is this photoshop bridge thing?

I’ve used tutorials to get the image efects I would like to do but I technicaly don’t know how to use it.

For example.. I’ve used the layer effects to make text look different ..but theres OTHER things the layer effects can do but I have no idea

I’ve also downloaded fonts/brushes ..but if you asked me to go through and do it again (today) I wouldn’t remember

I know theres plug in’s .. but I don’t know exactly what it means…

Will I have to start as a ‘beginnier”… I know a little bit

the perfect thing for me would be … a tutorial that would go through the beginner stuff FAST (like layers,image size, crop).. and add more details as I go along

anyone know where I can start learning?

problem with photoshop brushes?

hey yall,

i cant seem to separate my brushes as objects. like, when the design that comes out, it becomes part of the background. and i can´t do stuff like rotate it because it´s stuck to the canvas. it didn´t use to be like that. anyone knows what happened? i´m using photoshop cs3.