how do you reset brushes in photoshop cs2?

because i dont know what i clicked but suddenly a whole bunch of brushes dissapeared. now i have none of the brushes that get thinner or thicker dependin on how hard i press on da tablet and none of the ones left do that pressure stuff :[ is there a way i can reset it so all the brushes will come back thank yu
plz help :]

Where can I get this pattern and brush for CS2?

Okayy, so I want to make one of those “showstyle” type signs on photoshop, but I can’t because I can’t find a vector brush or that dotted pattern for the stroking, but otherwise it’d be perfect. So where can I get the sunvector brush and the “dotted” pattern? THANKS SO MUCH =]!

I need help with Photoshop.?

I’m using Photoshop CS2 and the brush tool doesn’t seem to be working. I choose the color blue but the brush stays white. The other tools work fine. When I pick the color blue for the pencil tool, I can draw in blue… but for any color I pick for the brush tool, it doesn’t matter. You can only draw in the color white. How can I fix this?

I need help with a new installation of Adobe Photoshop CS2?

The system seems to be working perfectly but there are several odd frustrating things like the F7 shortcut will not bring down the layers palette. The bracket keys will not adjust the brush size. I tried putting the install disk in again and it went through the entire process and these two shortcuts still will not work..
Not a real big deal but I do a lot of work in Photoshop and the mouse I have has a 4th key which when clicked brings down the layers palette.
The Adobe site is useless for questions like these, or else I just can’t find the e-mail section. Does anyone out there have a clue?

Computer display help PLEASE! Photoshop CS2 is too big for my screen when I use filters…?

This is for a Christmas present. I’m trying to add artistic brush filters to a photo. When I open filters, I can apply them, but can’t save them. that part of the screen is out of view and no way to get over to it to save. All I can do is hit Esc and return to the workspace.

Can anyone please help? I need to print this photo for a frame-a gift for tonight. I can’t show up with an empty frame.

Please……Thanks in advance….Happy Holidays to all!

Help with Adobe Photoshop CS2 for Mac?

I am trying to adjust my hair color, and have followed several tutorials that give me the exact same steps when about new layers and adjusting the hue/saturation etc. However, whenever I trying using the brush either nothing happens or the program complains that the layer is locked, even though I already unlocked it. Is there some setting or option that I am missing here? If it helps, the image I am using I first edited in iPhoto and is saved as a .png file, and then I opened it in photoshop and went to image-> mode and changed it to CYMK. Any help? Thanks 🙂