What are some good sites for getting brushes for Photoshop 7 from?

So far I have Brusheezy and Kloud 9. Please don’t say ‘Do a Google search”, I’m asking to find out what sites other people use and I already did a Google search. I’m just curious as to what some good sites are that may have slipped under the radar.

I can’t use my PHOTOSHOP 7 brush?

Im a newbie. I’m doing some Pop Art and suddenly I can’t use my tools. It is written below “click and drag to scroll image in desired direction. Use Alt + Ctrl for additional Options”. I JUST REALLY REALLY REALLY need it. Why can’t i USE MY BRUSH? I tried the edit-preferences-display and cursors and make it as brush size. But I still can’t use it. But after a long wait, it comes back again and I can use the tools normally. But after using it, it will be back to it’s problem. Please do help me

I can’t change the shape of the brush cursor on PhotoShop 7?

You know when we use different-shaped brushes, the cursor would reshaped into what the brush is like? Well, my cursor constantly is in ‘plus’ shape, like
_ _
(ignore the -)
And it makes me uncomfortable when I want to draw in PS7