Photoshop Elements 7 Brush Hardness Option?

Hello everyone! My problem currently is being unable to find the “Brush Hardness” option in PSE7. I’ve searched all over the net and I’ve learned that PSE7 doesn’t contain a brush hardness option or that it is done through changing the Opacity. Help would be very much appreciated also if anyone knows how to ungray the Layer Style options that would be nice. =D

Guys..Is there a way to install only the “paint brush” software of windows 7 in windows vista?

I really liked the paint application software in windows7..but I would like to keep windows vista as my operating system..Is there any way I can install only the paint software of windows 7 in my current operating system.

Photoshop cs3 extended stopped working when I got windows 7?

I open it and it appears to run until it gives an error that it can’t find the default brushes, colours, etc. The files are clearly there so how do I fix this? And by the way I have tried properties>Settings and tried running them on every version of windows they had available… =.=’

why are some of the brushes in Photoshop elements 7.0 transparent when used. Opacity is set at 100%.?

I am fairly new to photoshop elements and I have downloaded some new brushes to use of fruit, sports stuff, etc. When I use them the result is a very transparent picture. My opacity is set at 100%.

I have Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and CS3 and the colors wont show they turn to black white or grey never a color?

Like when I was using the brush tool I wanted to paint red
but it only showed up grey or black or white depending on the lightness. How do I get my colors to work?