Q&A: How can I make a photoshop brush into a stencil?

Question by morocia: How can I make a photoshop brush into a stencil?
This is difficult to explain, and the answer is probably pretty simple but I’m going to try and ask anyways. I’m wanting to add some pretty realistic butterflies to a few of my pictures. (and other brushes, etc) However, I don’t want them to be just one or two colors. I need to know how to make the butterfly brushes into a stencil so I can fill the various fields in with different colors and textures. Is there an easier way to do this? I tried just using them with a black outline and then colored with various colors, blurred the colors…but they don’t look too realistic. Please help!


Answer by Vicc
This isn’t a stencil… but it SHOULD give you the same result

Every time you wish to have some different colour, blur, textures for your butterfly etc create a new layer..

and then go to Edit blending options if you have a list of Textures click on the one you want and use it.

If you want a different colour just choose a different colour
and create a new layer for blurring it. if you only one in particular blurred.

I hope i helped

Any good brush sites for photoshop? i like making siggys and i use alot of masks and effect brushes?

Question by ? Kairi ?: Any good brush sites for photoshop? i like making siggys and i use alot of masks and effect brushes?
list any recomendations plz
like brushezzy or if you have a recomendation from devi tell me what to type or who to search ty ^^


Answer by Plum
Deviant Art has some pretty amazing ones.

Q&A: how do i use my downloaded brushes in photoshop 6.0?

Question by rio: how do i use my downloaded brushes in photoshop 6.0?
Everytime I try to use one of my downloaded brushes a window pops up stating that the brushes could not be loaded because the file is not compatible with my version of photoshop. But all the files are abr. how can i fix that?


Answer by EmJay
Brushes made in Photoshop can only be used in versions equal to or higher than the one they were created in. It means that more recent version brushes are not backwards compatible. This is because the brush engine changed, became more complex, starting with version 7 and later versions but earlier version 6 brushes are usable in later versions. You may try looking for some programs which can access these files and probably convert them for an older version or you may learn to make your own brushes (tones of google and youtube tuts).

Q&A: help with the brush tool in photoshop CS3?

Question by Jay S: help with the brush tool in photoshop CS3?
when i change the opacity of the brush tool in CS3, it looks great, but the problem is that if i lift up on my mouse and click again, it will darken any area that i have already covered with the brush…this is a problem because it means i’d have to paint entirely with one stroke…what can i do to fix this?

thanks for your help


Answer by Left-T
Check this site for any problems using Photoshop


I’m not sure if you are using layers. If that is the case, click the icon to the left of each layer that isnt selected so those layers are invisible and the only visible layer is the one that you want to move.

Q&A: Need some Photoshop help: finding splatter brush?

Question by websurfer59: Need some Photoshop help: finding splatter brush?
I’m trying to do this tutorial: http://psdlearning.com/2008/09/spray-paint-text/ , but in step 1, it says to use the splatter brush tool, but I can’t seem to find it. Can someone help me find it? I’m using Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0


Answer by Jojo C
What You can do is Click the Brush Tool, Click where you choose Your Brush, and than Click the Icon that Looks like a Play Button. That will Bring down a Menu with Categories, you can Look through them and Look for the Brush! 🙂 😉 Good Luck! 🙂

Copyright of Scanned Art turned into Photoshop Brushes, etc?

Question by Carolina: Copyright of Scanned Art turned into Photoshop Brushes, etc?
In sites like Deviantart, some people make photoshop brushes from the illustrations or photos of books and offer them for download and even charge for them sometimes.
Sometimes they also make brushes out of images from anywhere on the internet (“I made these brushes from images I found on google”). As if google was synonym for free, public owned images!

Isn’t it wrong to make brushes from book illustrations/photos and then offer them as photoshop brushes/textures/stock images?

Or is it ok for people to use them as long as they intervene them like Roy Lichtenstein did the comic book vignetes he blew up on canvas and painted?


Answer by Nahum
It probably depends on whether the original artist gives others license to modify their work.

Seems the end result of using such brushes is to simplify the process of adapting others’ work, which would likely fall under fair use laws. However, the responsibility for this doesn’t lie with the brush maker.

I don’t agree with those that charge for such brushes, unless they specifically have permission from the original artist. (You should probably report these to dA.)

Q&A: is there a smudge brush in photoshop elements 6?

Question by hmmmm………….????: is there a smudge brush in photoshop elements 6?
ok, so i’ve looked every where for a smudge or smear brush in photoshop elements 6 and i cant seem to find one 🙁 is there one? if so, where?! i need to do something like this: http://i438.photobucket.com/albums/qq104/erm__/bremelting1-1.png [i was able to do that in paint shop pro] but a different photo of someone else…..thank you!!!


Answer by Perki88
The blur, sharpen and smudge are under the same icon.
Sharpen has a triangle. blur a water drop and smudge a hand with a pointing finger.Last image on left above color swatches.

another question about photoshop brushes.?

Question by tralala: another question about photoshop brushes.?
ok so i just got photoshop 8…i think. its a newer version i believe.
ive read all other questions about saving it to a certain file..but im not sure how to do that. ive tried downloading brushes from different places..but i keep getting the same problem.
say i go to deviantart to download a set…i get the box saying what would oyu like firefox to do with this? so ive been going with open with photoshop.brushes or whatever…
but then i realized i needed to save it somewhere…according to other ansers..the only other option i have is to save it to a disk.
i feel like i shouldbe getting this. but im not. if someone could just talk me through all the steps thatd be great.
thank you so much 🙂


Answer by alleycat
see this: