I can’t change the shape of the brush cursor on PhotoShop 7?

You know when we use different-shaped brushes, the cursor would reshaped into what the brush is like? Well, my cursor constantly is in ‘plus’ shape, like
_ _
(ignore the -)
And it makes me uncomfortable when I want to draw in PS7

I am having a problem with Adobe Flash CS3! Blue boxes around my brush strokes?

I have noticed that when I draw in Adobe Flash CS3 Professional, these blue boxes show around each and every brush stroke that I make. Not only is this frustrating, it distracts me from my work and prohibits me from creating multi-brush-stroke objects.

How do I turn off these blue boxes! They’re driving me insane!
These are NOT the light blue boxes around my objects, they are dark blue boxes around my brush strokes. They annoy me!

How do I get photoshop to use the brushes I downloaded from online?

I have photoshop elements 6.0. I try downloading some new brushes, and I save them in the Brushes Folder. I tried going to my photoshop program, going to brushes and then clicking load, but it said ‘This folder is empty’. The brushes had an ending of .abr too. What am I doing wrong?

On Photoshop, my brush tool shows as a stamp tool, help!?

When I click the Brush tool, the stamp tool shows (its a little star shape)! How do I get the brush tool to be a circle again?

By the way, I have a mac computer 10.5.6 (its very new)
I tried clicking the arrow, but the only options it gives is pencil tool, and color replacement tool.