What happened to all my photoshop brushes?

Okay so i closed my photoshop like i normally do, and now i opened it and i looked in in my brushes section because i wanted to use one on a picture im designing and all of my brushes are gone! except for the default one (the brushes that photoshop come with) does anyone know what happened? is there any way that i can get all my brushes back? Oh and i use PS CS3

How do you use border brushes on Photoshop?

I downloaded this set of borders for Photoshop, but can’t figure out how to use them because they are the opposite of all the rest of the brushes I’ve had.
They are here: http://laughingliondesign.net/2007/09/free-photoshop-brushes-borders/
The inside is coloured in, instead of the outside.
Does anyone know how to use borders like those correctly?

Can you save photoshop brushes to flash drive?

The site at school is blocked, so I can’t add brushes to the photoshop.

So i was wondering if there’s any way to save them to a flash drive then put them on there that way.
If somebody could tell me directions, that would be great!

It’s Adobe Photoshop CS3, by the way.

How do I delete photoshop brushes from CS3?

I want to get rid of some of my old brushes and I have deleted them from the C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\Presets\Brushes folder and from the recycle bin too. But when I open up the CS3 program and look at the brushes, they are all still there….I can’t figure it out. Help?

Brushes not showing on Photoshop?

I have Photoshop CS4 and i have been downloading brushes. i know i am extracting them right and putting them in the right place because a few work. the others just don’t show up. in fact only two of them actually showed… i turned Photoshop off when i put them in the folder so that’s not why they aren’t showing.. any ideas? i have some friends having the same problem.

How do you use photoshop brushes in photofiltre?

I know for a fact that you can because Ive seen it done before. Ive downloaded a lot of photoshop brushes and PhotoFiltre but I dont know how to make them work? Thanks in advance for any help!

Oh and please tell me if you know of any other 100% FREE programs that photshop brushes work on other than Photoshop and Gimp! Thanks ~Jelly

Why won’t photoshop let me install brushes?

I just got Photoshop CS4. Last year, I had the trial version for a while, and I could install brushes onto there easily. Now, I have the full version, and whenever I try to install brushes, it won’t let me. I put all of the .ABR files into the brushes folder, and when I go to ‘Load Brushes’, it says that the folder is empty and no files match my search. I am pretty confused and upset. Help please?

Adobe Photoshop CS4? Need help fixing it!?

My photoshop is screwed up, but only on my account, my sisters is fine. I need it to work on a school project please help me! First off my sidebar thing doesn’t show colours or layers or anything, it just shows paths, info, a histogram and channels, How do i reset this? Then my toolbar thing at the top is unattached and there is not top on the actual program, its seperated into 2, the top tool bar is seperated from the part that has like file and everything else. How do i get everything back to normal? Anyway to reset the photoshop completly, even get rid of any brushes and gradients i downloaded. Thanks so much! I will answer any question you have, email you back talk to you watever! Thanks

Photoshop CS4 problems?

When I try to draw something with the brushes, nothing shows up.
Maybe I am drawing with it, but it’s as if it is invisible? Or maybe somethings blocking it. Is there anything I need to fix in the options? Please tell me. T_T
It’s not ._.
I think I fixed the problem. All I did was unplug my tablet then boom it works! So It was my tablet causing the problem. Problem solved. xD