How to organized Photoshop brushes?

I have been downloading Photoshop brushes today and right now have atleast 100 different files downloaded.
Right now I can only add them one by one and when I quit PS and open it again I need to readd them 1 at a time.

I added them to the preset and then I have this huge list that I can only few them 1 list at a time. Is there a way I can add them to the default list and they will stay?

The brush stroke filters in Photoshop CS3 are unavailable (greyed out). How do I turn on this function?

I tried opening new documents in 16-bit but brush strokes (and most other filters) aren’t available. Opening files in 16-bit didn’t help. There appears to be a number of available options when creating a new file. What should I do to make these filters available?

Is there such thing as too many brushes using Photoshop? Why can’t I can’t scroll down past a certain brush?

Do I have too many brushes on photoshop, or so many that my scroll bar won’t allow me to scroll down to the others. I have to use my scroll wheel to get to the ones that I loaded, and it takes forever. Does anyone know how to correct this? I’m using Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Is it possible to transfer my GIMP brushes to Photoshop, if so how?

I spent alot of time downloading A LOT of GIMP brushes and my mom deleted GIMP. But I still have access to the brushes folder. So Is there a way to transfer those brushes to Photoshop.. There brushes are like the same right.

Does anyone know how to make an Impressionist painting using brushes in Photoshop CS4?

I have an assignment in which i have to make an impressionist painting in Photoshop using brushes and very few filters. I have to get a quality image as my starting and go from their. I was unable to attend class last week and missed the lecture on this. I have no clue how to do it. Plus i cant find any tutorial on this. If anyone could give me some insight on how to do this that would be great.