How do I add downloaded photoshop brushes?

I download them from Deviantart but where do I save them? That baffles me and I haven’t figured out this whole PS buisness yet. D;
It’s Photoshop Elements 7 if that info is needed.
I’ve downloaded brushed for Gimp, does PS have a hidden folder or something like Gimp does? Please help me out.

Why is my circle coming out lumpy in Photoshop?

I’m making a huge logo and working with a 200 pixel brush. I’m just using one of the standard Photoshop brushes and setting it to 200 pixels. Anything I draw is coming out lumpy, even just a basic line or circle. I’m guessing this is because the brush isn’t originally a 200 pixel brush. What should I do?
I want the lines to look like the top line but thicker, but when I try to set the brush thicker it comes out looking like the bottom one.

Computer display help PLEASE! Photoshop CS2 is too big for my screen when I use filters…?

This is for a Christmas present. I’m trying to add artistic brush filters to a photo. When I open filters, I can apply them, but can’t save them. that part of the screen is out of view and no way to get over to it to save. All I can do is hit Esc and return to the workspace.

Can anyone please help? I need to print this photo for a frame-a gift for tonight. I can’t show up with an empty frame.

Please……Thanks in advance….Happy Holidays to all!

How do I install Photoshop Brushes to Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9?

I am trying to add Adobe photoshop brushes to my microsoft digital image pro 9 program, I know you can do it, But I am lost.
I just learned how to install filters to my program, but now i want brushes.
Any ideas or know how to do it?
Thanks a ton.

Does anyone know how to get my Brush on Photoshop cs4 back to being a constant stroke?

My brush, especially in mask mode only does a few pixels at a time, like I have it on scatter or something? was wondering if anyone knew how I could change it? And second, I can’t seem to save my pics as Jpeg anymore on it either. I have to use fireworks to convert to jpeg.
Someone Help please!