Loading/installing brushes onto Adobe Photoshop 7?

I have been downloading brushes, but there is one way they come up that I don’t know how to do.

When I click the download button on the sites, sometimes the files are compressed folders, and I know how to deal with those.

But sometimes another way comes up, where the dialog window says “ABR file, open with: Photoshop.BrushesFile”. If I click OK, it opens Photoshop, but it doesn’t do anything and I don’t know how to download these like that.

How do I load those brushes?

messed up photoshop cs2?

I did something(??) to my adobe photoshop cs2 and now I cant do anything with it! basically when i choose the brush or anything else my selection tool is still there and nothing happens when i try to make a stroke…

please help, artist in need! :'(
oh but its not just the brush, whatever i click is still like a selection tool! even the magnifying glass..

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I have Adobe ps 7, should I download Adobe ps CS3?

I use adobe ps 7 on a windows vista. I’m thinking of upgrading because there are many brushes that can not be used in adobe ps 7, and adobe ps 7 doesn’t offer many filters which I would like. Should I get adobe CS3? Is it easy to use? If not CS3, are there other versions which may be better to use?

Thanks to all that answer.