Photoshop CS2 problems???

I was wondering why Photoshop CS2 freezes? I use Vista on my laptop, and XP on my desktop, and it freezes on both, so i’m sure it’s not the OS. When painting with a soft or hard round brush, part of the basic brushes, it’s completely fine, also, when smudging with those brushes it’s fine, but when i want to add some texture and use a natural brush or something, when i change the scatter settings, and such, then use it either as a brush or smudging with it, it completely freezes and locks up photoshop. my temporary solution was just to constantly save, then when it’s unresponsive, close it, and re-open it, and continue working….as any one may imagine, it slows the painting process WAY down, and is a huge pain!

so if any one’s got any suggestions, or solutions. please help.