Where can I get the upgrade for Photoshop 6 to upgrade to 7?

One that actually works, I’ve tried a lot of them on the web. I really want this program, since I have photoshop 6 and I can’t use ANY of the brushes I normally use at school, which has CS.

And I don’t want GIMP, whatever that is. I’ve only used Photoshop, and I only want photoshop. 🙁

Or at least the upgrade from 6 to 7

Photoshop CS2 v9.0?

okay, so i recently got Photoshop CS2 v9.0.

i really love image editing & stuff like that, but i know that i’m just brushing the surface of a $600 program, and i have no idea where to go from here.

what i mean is, i’m doing the same thing with Photoshop that i’ve been doing with a freeware program (Photofiltre).

does anyone have any creative ideas to use it for? anything you’ve PERSONALLY done with Photoshop? because i don’t want to waste it–i’m thankful to have it & i want to use it to its full potential! =D


How do I make lines smooth in Adobe Photoshop CS3?

When I use the paint brush tool, the lines look…well, sorta a little blurry. I want them to be straight, like the extra colors that make it blurry to go away, but just enough so the line looks very solid. The pen tool doesn’t work, it makes my lines even more distorted.